Friday, July 16, 2010

Gretchen_sexygirl scamming on Migente - reader shares story

Hi this person is on aka cantip4. Also found them on a site in 2008
called migente aka gretche_sexygirl. Doing an internet search of gretchen wales.
Well this person contacted me saying I was on her match list. And was having
problem with her in box and asking to correspond using
We started emailing and she said she was in gold and diamond business inherited
from late parent doing business in Malaysia. We soon were caught up in the
whirlwind relationship. She was educated at school in London. Lived part time in
states and UK. Soon would be coming back to states0and would like to meet me. I
was elated. Our relationship quickly blossomed. Now she wanted to come to my
hometown directly. I was falling in love my head spinning with the idea of
someone to good to be true. She made plans and sent flight plans from klm
airlines. I was to pick her up at airport. I couldn't believe it. Well from then
on communications between us began to wane. Then at the different times between
communications seemed as if talking to different people. Writing grammar was
slopy or neat. Then she said she was on business as art sculpture, beads and
crafts shipper like we were meeting for 1st time. Now I suspected I was being
scammed. I checked the online scam sites and found nothing. So I did an online
search and found the older date site called migente. So now was unsure if was
being scammed but 99 percent sure. I confronted her/him and she tried to alay my
fears. I consented to find out truth. When time came near for her to come hear
she sent urgent message that hotel would not honor her master card do to chips
on back being damaged. She needed money right of way and would repay me when she
got here. I replied that such a prominent business owner would have other
financial resources and would not be in need of relying on 1 such as myself and
that I knew she was a scammer and would not get 1 dime from me. This did not
stop her. She said I didn't trust her and had wrong impression. I said I never
did trust her and she/he should be ashamed of themselves using the good Lord in
this manner and would never get 1 cent from me. My letter was actually not that
nice. I'm getting sick of these people. They are everywhere! They are ruining
the whole experience and making it next to impossible to meet someone online
without having trust issues or fears. Also owners of these dating sites should
take more responsibility to secure them from these people. They are receiving
big money from people to join and should do more to protect them.

printed with permission from our reader

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  1. Same thing happened to me. Same girl, name, supposed profession, hotel everything. I fell for it and let me warn you guys, after you pay the Hotel bill, the night she's supposed to catch her flight to come see you, she'll get in a car accident on the way to the airport and you'll get an email from a Dr asking for $1200 for surgery she needs. Do not fall for it! She's nothing but a professional scammer and REALLY good at what she does!



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