Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jerry Dickson Scammer on Facebook Uncovered - Money Request

Here is the transcript where he asked her for money and it was just 5 DAYS after they started instant messaging each other - these guys move fast because they don't care about you but only YOUR MONEY!

Lionheart I need you to run two errands for me honey
DOID Reader hello baby what u need?
Lionheart First you go down to any Western union outlet around you and send my cousin 400 usd...he is in UK at the moment and i need him to go down to my apartment to pick up some documents for me
Lionheart Not to worry it's a Loan will have it back asap
Lionheart Do you bank with Wachovia?
DOID Reader i can't i don't got it right now
Lionheart Then how soon can you have it down to him?
DOID Reader it's gonna be a while right now all my money is going to my daughter she hav a student loan and she needs help with her loan
Lionheart I need him to go down as soon as possible baby
Lionheart Not to worry baby you will have it back asap with a little interest
Lionheart Do you bank with Wachovia?
DOID Reader really babe i don't got it
Lionheart Honey pls do try
Lionheart It's very urgent


She kept telling him she did not have the money to open the account at Wachovia...and he told her to borrow it from her father, her mother, her friends her family. he asked her to have her friend open it for her. He even told her to ask her Godmother! They stop at nothing to get the money.


  1. Oh my hat!!!!!
    I have just connected with him on zoosk and started chatting on facebook ... thought something looked odd and questioned him about it and he just went offline ... BUST JERRY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi all!!
    I am from Finland and he just started to write with me too. He has not yet asked for money, but I somewhat have a bad feeling about him. Why to look someone from Finland?? I became suspicious because this is already third man writing to me and all they are from USA and working in Nigeria. I will give you those two other names too. John Emma is one and Josh Walters the other. BUST JERRY, JOHN and JOSH!!!!!!

    1. I have one writing to me as DENNIS WALTER from Houston, Tx but is oversea in Nigeria. I have send $200USD to him for a daughter who is in boarding school. I did not meet him on I met him on Facebook. I have so many sweet letters he has written to me.. OMG I cannot believe what I'm reading. I felt in love with this man am so hurt. Now asking me for my bank account to have money send to me. Calls me 2x a day, sends e-mails everyday, I have his home address, personal phone num, etc etc. Thank you so much for info.

  3. Hi there :)!
    I will give you two other names who are scammers too. John Emma and Josh Walters. All these three men started to write to me through Facebook. I have not send them any money, but they told that they are working in Nigeria. What a coincidence, all three men in Nigeria and writing to me. I was suspicious about them and found this site. I want to warn other people about these guys!!! DO NOT send any money!! What kind of man starts to beg money after few letters???

  4. I'm so glad I used Google to find this information. It struck me as really odd to receive something like this from someone I've never known. Thanks for posting the warning :)

    Jerry Dickson January 17 at 12:47am Report

    Hi, how are you Today? you look fascinating and gorgeous, i like to know you better so we can be frineds.


    Jerry D

  5. look out for a guy named wilberth demon also

  6. you should also watch out for a guy named paul collins on zoosk he will be as sweet as pie then take you for a ride.

  7. I got scammed too.i slowly fall in love with him everyday he wrote those long love letter,sent me his picture,then before Christmas eve he was asking for my home address and telephone number so he could send me gifts...i told him that i cant accept his gift and because i trusted him i gave him my phone number and i asked his then when i try to ring the number and asked his name the person told me that there is no one on that name living there i felt really hurt cos i really like him cried for hours i fell inlove with the picture...and he is using the name jeffrey raymond a widow and got 1 daughter that live in a boarding school,he work in a shipping company and trying to start his own firm in scotland..i felt really stupid now.

  8. look out for a scammer/hustler named bobby cruz, gadsden alabama, also uses a georgia and north carolina address, could be using utah also, if you are contacted, call the police or the FBI

  9. wilberth is also known as bobby cruz, he is on netlog now and still trying to hustle women, same pictures and same line, look out for him and let others know, thank you

  10. This is so real. This Guy contacted me on date hookup. His name is Jerry Dickson. We talked about three months. First he went to Texas then had to go to Africa. He claims to work as a private consultant for gas facilities installation. He will not tell you about the job he does. He claims to be from Peoria, IL. He says he has a 9 year old son. He never talks about this alleged child. He asked for 5k USD. He didn't get it. He got very upset. But continued to talk to. He is very slick and cunning. It is very sad that this is going on. I contacted the police and the international police. The local police informed me they weren't going to do anything about it, and not to end communication with this person. The international police has yet to respond to my email that I told them everything I knew. I was informed that there are millions of these scams going on from different countries and the local police, the FBI, or Interpol was going to do nothing about it because its such an elaborate scam and you can't trace anything. These people will never be prosecuted. The reason is because they are in a different country. Kinda crazy if you ask me. We send our American troops all over seas to help these countries in need and die for these people for our information not to be safe and protected from these predators. This makes no sense to me. I am trying to find a police somewhere that will help to stop this from happening to people. I am hitting a brick wall with the police agencies. The only advice I have for everyone is don't meet people online. If you chose to make sure they are who they say they are at first contact. Ask for a drivers license, passport etc. Something official that's from the states here.
    Jerry refused to show me anything. No passport no drivers license. That way you know they are not real. I am not sure if it is the same Jerry because the picture is different. But the story sounds the exact same. He claims to be from Germany but sounds like he is from Africa. Africa has 11 official languages. German being one of them. Please do your research before conversing with these people. If you have been conversing with these people here is just a few safeguards you might want to look into to protect yourself. Call your credit agencies fraud departments. Let them know they will call you every time your credit is ran. Contact your banking institution put extra security on your banking info. They have a lot of capabilities to get your personal information. For third world countries they sure have a lot of resources for taking advantage of innocent hard working people. Maybe they need to take some of that money they are spending on electronics and feed their starving children and homeless. Create jobs do something anything productive to make where you live a better place.
    I hope this information has been helpful to someone. Thank you for reading.

  11. O M G !he tried that with me too but he was supposed to be going to Ghana on business and him and his son Eric had an accident and everything was stolen and so he's in desperate need of money for medical bills.thank God I recognized it was a scammer right away God was watching me

  12. Sounds like a guy I have been talking to who says he is Australian but living in Portland with a 503 area code telephone. The accent is off, sounds German or Polish.... Has a g-mail and his "son" has a yahoo account under the name Eric Jones, or Burgman. He says he is a geologist and just got a job in Poland. It came up last night about borrowing money for his "son" to go on a class trip while he is in Poland. Scott Brent is the name he is going by. Even asked if I could borrow the money from my Mother! OMG! I feel so stupid!



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