Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Facebook Scammer John Phillips

Another reader sent us this to report how someone had tried to scam her out of her money!

I want to report a scammer who has been in touch with me through facebook
Love and marriage and all that promised then he asked me for
$10,000 to help him finish a job in the UK or he will be arrested.

John L PHillips
11265 or 54 Carmel Creek Rd
San Diego Ca 92101
no phone number available

We also learned that his myspace account is:

I did not give John the money but he will move on to someone else who might just give him the money I want this reported please so someone else does not get hurt

Darling its really make me feel good when i talk to you and i'm now happy and it was nice talking to your sister pat as well,I cant just wait to meet everyone of you and prove you wrong that i'm real and i bet it with you,You will still have to apologize when we meet for doubting me,I really love you and cant wait to make you happy all the time my sweet angel,I'm praying so hard for you now of getting better and my God has already answer my prayer hun,I dont know what you have giving me i cant sleep anymore with you or talking to you,I really want to be with you soon and be at your side always my love.I'm so sorry if you think i'm get you mad always hun,Pls and pls i really want you to put your self in my shoe my love.....I love you so much and nothing in the world will change that from me ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........I want to be with you all the time,Just have it in your mind that my spirit is there with you taking good care of you hun.......
About the money gram hun...You will have to send $2500 in two different location making $5000 and do the same the next day my love all making $10,000 hun.....Its very fast and save darling....This will work my will just find two different money gram location near you and do this my love asap.....Hope you understand all this hun,If you dont i will explain more to you when i chat with you in the morning my love...Pls and pls i will give you back soon as i get to Chicago my love......Talk to you in the morning baby.....
Hugs and kisses


zipe code...WCN1N 3HR

just get this down and you will with this to the western union
Hugs and kisses
Pls and pls get well better my love,You are getting me worried and i will not be sleeping sweetheart hun


  1. His English is much better now, but now he is Michael Steven from Jacksonville (on Facebook) who inherited a company from his father dealing in gems, etc. And he is in Africa and is about to adopt a son. He needs a bank account opened so his partners can put money in it for the gems they are buying from him. Then it went on to just needing money to get back home on. The "son" is also writing that he is very happy his father found someone and now he can have a mother and "please send me birthday presents and chocolates" to help with his studies. The man in the picture is from a modeling agency in Hawaii-Focus Hawaii and his name is Rick. They have a website, check it out.

    Now he is Fred Busey from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania



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