Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nigerian Scammer posing as American Soldier in Afghanistan

We received this today also from one of the visitors to our Dangers of Internet Dating website. Looks like they really like this 'newer' scamming tactic. Detailed below is the actual IM Yahoo session (the Nigerians like to use Yahoo for chat sessions with unsuspecting American ladies on the dating sites). This guy wants her to sent him $445 for some TS2 phone so he can call her and talk to her in person. Hmmmm...

This guy is telling me he is a Capt. in the Army over in Afganistan. And this is what he wanted me to do so we could talk on the phone.... I guess he never heard of Skype.

Christopher Phillips: this is the ts2 phoning service used by the troops
innocent woman: I have a sultry voice
Christopher Phillips: i was told it is a paid service...i can't wait to hear your voice in person
innocent woman: so will it still cost me at this end?
Christopher Phillips: bet you must have a sexy voice
innocent woman: it might since I dont have an international service
innocent woman: Ive been told I do .. but I have also passed as a guy before on the phone when I need to disguise it
innocent woman: lol
Christopher Phillips: i was told is $445 to get the service...No if the money for the service is a paid...i will be the one to call you
Christopher Phillips: so i wnt you to get this done for me boo
innocent woman: I sang in rock groups for years and I taught prisoners for the State of Florida and I would come home hoarse every day and messed up my vocal chords..
Christopher Phillips: are you there Honey???
Christopher Phillips: lol
innocent woman: Are you trying to telll me I have to pay $445?????????????????
Christopher Phillips: Yes for the Ts2 phoning service...that the amount it is been done
Christopher Phillips: i want you to do this so we can talk in person Honey...aia'm with the inf Batt afghan here
Christopher Phillips: Honey???
Christopher Phillips: u there
Christopher Phillips: where r you?
Christopher Phillips: come and talk to me Babe
Christopher Phillips: Kiss
Christopher Phillips: Angel

Information used with permission.


  1. I too Had the same thing but I contacted the army reserve and then told to call the FBI and from there went to to report the scam he too was saying he was a solider and wanted Ts2 phone if you think you are being scammed go to and file a report . be careful

  2. I also had a similar event, the guys profile was oowell and his yahoo id was marine_mike007...he said he was in iraq an american soldier named mike mcneal, sent photos in uniform in all....he wanted me to hook him up for a roamoing phone service...i wouldnt and he got rather upset...i sent him Nothing and stopped talking immediately...Sad thing is that there is a real guy called mike mcneal in us marines and he probably doesnt even know yet that his identity is being used.

  3. i to had been scam by a so called solidger named jonny rellinger ebert wanting money and marrige his said he was from bronx new york but in afganastand i have lots of photas of him and his son but the name of the man wanting money was named olusola olugbare for his leave

  4. Anonymous said,

    I have been scammed by a so called US soilder David Victor who claimed he has been deployed to southern darfur sudan for a peace keeping purpose and he used to work at US army special force command (airborne.

    He wrote to me on facebook and introducted himself as a single father with a 16year old daughter, he was born on 2 feb 1965, in portland oregon. he had a very sad marriage coz his wife berayed him and left him for another man. now he is looking for a true love and a woman who really cares and undestands his value. he claimes he has been in military service for 23 years and considers retiring soon as well coz he need a warm family and a wife.
    we both talked well for a couple of weeks, and then he said he loved me so much and can not wait to be with me, he wanted me to apply leave on behalf of him. He told me to send the leave request to a email address I did sent it and then i was asked for USD 950 for leave application, and it is wired coz as i know leave for soilders are free and not bought. I as well consulted a retired US military lawyer online and he gave me a definite answer this is a scam... i did checked the IP address from the email sent to me, all the emails were acturally sent from nigeria.
    Guys just be careful this person named Lt, Col David Victor, he is not a real US soilder, he is a scam artist. These scammers usually start with some sorts of sob story, like single fater and wife betrayed him blah blah blah... and if within couple of weeks he starts asking for marriage or money, dont believe. If the things are too good to be real such as i would like u to share my account in future and whatever i have belongs to u as well blah blah... dont believe him.... the scammers are well trained and they talk very well.
    And i did google and found out that all US militray email addresses ended with .gov...US soilders are all given a military email address, the format is (oops, i dont really remember this well, google it if u wish to know)...
    Ladies, just be careful...



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