Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting Your Money Back and/or Your Scammer Arrested!

So many people who have been victims of sweetheart or Nigerian dating scams have asked us two main questions:
  1. How can I get my money back?
  2. How can I get my scammer thrown in jail?

There are reasons these scammers are so successful and never get punished. The first is jurisdiction.
A cop from New York can not go to Florida and arrest someone on the street. He is out of his jurisdiction. He is a cop in New York and in New York ONLY. So for a police officer in your state to take your case of a scammer living outside your state or in Nigeria is a problem. How can the officer investigate someone in Nigeria? Who is going to pay for him to go there, and would they even do it? Nope. Have you heard of someone murdering or raping someone in this country that fled to another country? Why do they flee to another country? Because it is hard to get then BACK into this country, and with some countries IMPOSSIBLE.

The second issue deals with where was the crime actually committed. In the USA or Nigeria? Yes you sent the money from the states but you sent it to Nigeria. So which is it? If it is decided it is Nigeria, then it is up to NIGERIAN law enforcement to prosecute, not the United States. (People in the UK are also big-time victims of the Nigerians as well.) So now you can see what you are up against when it comes to punishing your scammer.

The next is getting your money back. I wish more than anything there was an organization to help you, but so far I really haven't FOUND one that has shown results. If anyone reading this HAS gotten their money back with the aid of an organization please let me know. There are thousands of FAKE emails from FAKE organizations offering to help you, but they got your info from your scammer, to scam you AGAIN. The scammer has most likely already spent your money, so even if by some chance they were found, how would you get your money back? Wouldn't you have to sue them? How do you find a lawyer in Nigeria to take your case? Do you have to go to Nigeria? What if you go through all that, win, and the scammer has NOTHING to pay you back with?

Most of the scammers use internet cafes because they don't even have a computer or internet access. In this country you can sue people, win, and SOMETIMES you can get your money back, or some of it. Quite often, you DON'T (case in point - o.j. Simpson). I hate to say it, but the odds are not in your favor of getting your money returned to you. What you can do is stop the scammers by putting their email address, name, photos, and emails out there for others to find before THEY become victims as well. If at any time we can direct you to someone who really can help you, we will. For right now, we will create a list of things you CAN do.

Be Informed.  Know the Facts.

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  1. I just spoke about this same topic at my blog

    I recommend people report scams to the IC3. It will not get your money back, but it does record that you were scammed, and for how much and that information is used to track if scams are happening to more people and more money is going out in them. When people see that this is a HUGE problem then that brings attention to it and maybe there will be a push to change things. But we have to do things one step at a time . . . so report all scams.

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