Wednesday, September 2, 2009

American Army Captain finds GOLD in Iraq - New Nigerian Scam

Well it appears the Nigerian Scammers have reach a new low by using American Army Captains as the bait for the email, that the receivers of those emails will more likely fall for it. I guess they think we will just fall for it since they are using the US Army as their new scam?

Well I had a little fun with this guy today, CAPT. EDWARD JONES [] who sent me the following email. I wrote him back and asked for a higher percentage and although he didn't like it and told me so, he agreed...after he checked with his ringleader. He is still sitting in his little lean-to shack internet cafe somewhere on the Ivory Coast, based on his IP address.. My comments in RED.

Dear Friend,

I am an American soldier, In foreign service with the Third infantry Division in Iraq, I and my superior moved part of discovered funds belonging to fleeing regime leaders in Iraq, the total amount is $50,000,000.00 US dollars.

This money is being kept safe in a secured location we would disclose to you later.You can go through this web link to understand events that took place in Iraq. oh very nice, they even included a link to the BBC web site and that article and site ARE legit, nice touch.

Basically, since we are in government service and we are not allowed to have or keep discovered looted funds around us, we have decided to look for someone to help us relocate and keep this funds for us, that is why I have contacted you, so that you can keep it for us in your safe account or custody untill we complete our foreign service in Iraq. really shitty spelling there Cap'n and by the way, don't you have to go to West Point to even be considered for an officer? and if you are a West Point graduate, WTF happened to your spelling and grammar?

You will take30%, while 70% will be for me and my partner.This business is confidential, and it should not be discussed with anyone. There is no risk involved whatsoever as it is only me and my partner that knows the present location of the money. I aked him for a 40/60 split and they agreed.. whoopty whoooo

If you are interested I will send you operational details, YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAMES,YOUR OCCUPATION, YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND FAX,YOUR MARITAL STATUS AND AGE. my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us.see now it sounds to me like he is saying he will send the operational details as well as all my personal data. yeah ok, again, West Point graduate? don't think so.

Can I trust you? To ensure confidentiality, when you receive this letter,kindly reply me via e-mail:signifying your interest including your phone and fax numbers for quick communication and also your physical locational address.

Yours Truely <---- you would think they might even use spell check to sound more intelligent?

Capt Edward Jones


  1. can you tell me if is a genuing site or a scam site.. i have been asked to apply there for somebody who wants leave


  2. Someone recently asked about a military site so they could apply for someone to leave. All sites like this are a scam. The military issues orders to deploy its soldiers and send them home. Period. There is no application process for those outside the military. There is no money you can spend to get a soldier home. PERIOD. There is NO COST to soldier to be sent home. The military branch that sent them wherever they are will provide safe transit home or anywhere else they are sending their soldiers. Again, there are NO APPLICATIONS to be filled out, NO MONEY to be sent. THESE ARE ALL SCAMS. Do NOT fall for them.

  3. hi i am from the uk again i think i might be scammed by a nigerian posesing as a army person, hes saying hes being deplyed on the 18th of next month and if i can top up his phone,after speaking for nearly a week, so i send £50 in naria money to him, i was alarmed when after i sent it he kept asking how much am i sending, he's also on facebook,as i had done a few checks to see if there is a scam on me, the address hes using is adegoke olamide. barracks, avenue city nigeria, ive looked on the warning scam sites but the name didnt come up, he said he wants to marry me when he flys over, he said he has no parents and he only has uncle in berlin nj, but he has a five bed house in america which his neighbour looks after for him,i have saved all conversations sent to me via, computer and phone, it might be that im a victum of a scam, and only today he said that his internet payment is due soon,and water and food supplys are low, and the supply from the un has got losted at airport, then bells started to ring...

  4. hi i have just been had by a captain william england serving in baghdad - said he got given 6 pieces of gold and was sending a diplomat to give the gold to me. I copied and pasted the comments on here and told him to get lost. He replied the next day and told me he thought I was a lady!!!!! and he was disappointed in my e mails and what I had sent him

  5. my us soldier used the names richard cody and richard ramos and to help stop scamming here are his was hard finding out i was only scammed so i want others not to make the same expireince..cause it really mad me sad..but i could be lucky not to loose any money i only lost trust and pride :o)

  6. Hi i have 2 fake american soliders on my yahoo messenger both saying they are in Iraq , both the same age between 47 and 50 and both ssgts in engineering, i am being asked for 200 english pounds so they can set me up with a military phoning system . lol well sadly for them i have a facebook full of genuine american miltary and they have advised me that this is a scam .
    The guys "names " are robert wood and he uses yahoo with the id of and the other is
    Both using exactly the same words and both telling me how much they love me and cant wait to hear my voice after i have sent them 200 english pounds and this is to go to a western union in australia lol , I just hope the pics they are using are not of deceased american soldiers. I have plenty of pics they have both sent me if any one would like them lol Also both of them asking me to write to their commanders brig-gneral richard and .

  7. OMG...I decided to do a search on "Robertwood901" and came across this information here. Same M.O. Says he's a US soldier based in Afghanistan and working as a 'combat engineer'. I asked for snail mail and he said he had to have commander OK to release it. He also requested that I write to commander requesting R&R leave (that was to So glad I found this before he asked for money...cause I ain't got it! Too bad for him. I met this person on "" So glad I didn't give any personal information out to him! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO'VE POSTED ABOUT THIS AND OPENED MY EYES. All information I got I turned in to a good friend of mine who's with our local Sheriff Department.

  8. I recently met a man by the name of Robert G Tindall on a dating website ( he turned out to be a scammer with the same scam as above. He started out really telling me all that I wanted to hear we talked for a whole month on Yahoo Messenger before he finally gave me the silly story of finding Gold in Iraq! Please! his story did not jive at all and once he began talking of the gold all he wanted to talk about was that only. I chatted with him twice before I started asking questions. I got no straight answers from him and so I began to search the internet and began to find out that he actually was a scammer. My son that is military was able to look up the name and discover that he did not exist and that the Robert Tindall that did exist was Robert J Tindall the reason I was able to figure out that the Scammer was fake was because he was using picture of Robert J Tindall who is only a Staff Sargent and not a captain. I was able to contact Robert J Tindall and actually spoke with him and he didnt even seem to have any concern about it. He proceeded to tell me that yeah he knew there were several accounts on Facebook and that yes he knew this guy was also using him on websites. I am glad I didnt get scammed by him he also picked the wrong woman I have no money. Laugh is on him!

  9. Yes same story but for a pfc_Repetto Lind who is waiting for some money to pay for the paperwork to get R&R leave..after I apply for it on his also met on and seen on what a shame as the photos are of a gorgeous looking man who has no idea his details are being used in this way.

  10. A Robert J Tindall contacted me off Are you He said he was in the Army stationed in Irag. He gave the same line. Needed money for his sons surgery. Said he had a 8 year old boy. Then he said he was in an accident and needed money to pay his hospital bill. What a joke. He goes by the email Stay away from him too ladies.

  11. stay away from

  12. I encourage readers that if they have a scammer to report to send it to us via email so we can post it, along with any photos and other information you may have. It will reach more people that way, and more people will be warned before they too are scammed.

  13. ...found on lavalife..I also was contacted by a con using Robert J Tindall's identity. His story was he was in Afghanistan and went on a secret mission to find the kidnappers of the prime ministers son. When they found the son, Rob was offered an award of 1.5 billion and his cut was 2.5 million. He also sent me pics of money on a table surrounded by army personelle that looked really ligit.

  14. It looked legit? They would let him take pictures of the money? Come on.
    Try using google images and I bet you will find the pictures on there. That is how they get them.
    And an American soldier would not be involved in a kidnapping rescue in another country....come on.
    Give me a break. He can find a kidnapped CHILD in another country but cant find anyone but YOU to help him get his money out of the country? The prime MINISTER who GAVE him this money won't help him? COME ON.



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