Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mariya Scammer from internet dating site

And now here is an alleged Russian woman who contacted me after seeing the profile that I don't have on any internet dating site who also assumes that I am a male. Here is the letter from yet another scammer:

Hello, my friend.
Today when I have received your letter I was very happy. I am very
glad to have such friend as you are. Now I can tell you something
about myself and I expect that you will tell me something interesting, too.
It is glad that I have interested you and as it is glad to our acquaintance.
I will be very glad if you tell about yourself and will send the photos.
I am to find here love and to establish a family.
What you here search, friendship or love and family creation?
Yes I think that it simply remarkably to meet other people.
I wish to know your full name as you know my name.
I live in Russia, in a the big city called Yljanovsk. I was born here and
spent all my life here since my childhood. My city is very
beautiful and it has a long long history. I shall tell you that I was
born on the 30 th of August, in 1981, and now I am 30 years old, I
have blond hair,my eyes are green, my weight is about 54 kg,I am
165 sm tall. I am a girl with lovely smile
and sense of humor. I am not married and I have never been. So I have no
children. But I like these nice little creatures. That's why I work as
a child doctor. I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke, I never
drink, also I haven't ever take drugs as I know that all this is
harm for my health. I take care of myself. And I wish you too. I go in
for sports, in the morning I am jogging, 2 or
3 times a week I go to fitness to keep fit.
I live with my daddy and mum, my mother is already a pensioner and my
father is too, but he works in a security agency, I do not
have brothers or sisters, I am the only child in the family. My mum
and the daddy raised me up in a very strict way and gave me a good
education and taught me much in this life. I was always very
obedient, I liked to study and was never lazy at school, so I was the
best at school. I was interested in History, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and English.
But most of all I
loved English , I've even gone to additional classes to study
English. My teacher always told me that I was an American girl in my
previous life. After school I studied in the Medical University.
Now I work in the hospital and I treat children. I like to
listen to music: classical, rap, pop, and music according to my mood. I
like to read books : detectives and love stories. What are your preferences in
music, literature? do you love to cook? I love cooking. I take in
cooking after my mother. She is a real chief.
What are your values in life? I dream about making a Friendly, Loving
and Strong family . I think that maybe our purposes are similar.
Perhaps you have some more questions to me. Now it's your time to tell
me about yourself. I am waiting so much.
Your Russian friend Mariya.

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