Sunday, May 6, 2012

Internet Dating Site Scammers Robert Thompson,Robert Montano

Letter from Reader warning others about Robert Thompson and Robert Montano:

I just recently signed up on Christian Mingle and naively thought everyone on there is a Christian. Not so!! I did have some pleasant conversation with one man, but he decided he was looking for someone retired and I think he was honest and up front. I first received a smile from someone(Robert Thompson) in Florida (I live in Calif.), who was widowed, engineer, had 1 son, could move wherever if he found right woman, wrote a lot of philosophical flowery things. He evaded a lot of my questions so I decided to quit writing to him. Shortly after that, I get mail from another man,Robert Montano, same scenario, but he lived in LA. I finally confronted him and asked him if he was the same person who mailed me previously and he totally ignored the question. Red Flag! So I told him I wasn’t interested and wished him well. @ days go by and I get a new mail from another person, different name, lives in NY, widowed, engineer, 1 son, same style of writing, same profile. What a loser! Thank God I didn’t get in any deeper. People – look for the seeds of doubt, those little red flags that pop up! Steer clear!


  1. I really hate scammers! I've been a victim of it long ago.

  2. I found the love of my life in Affluent Single

    I sent him a wink and he reply immediately, we emailed back and forth all day and night. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him. We then texted, and spoke on the phone every day for a week before meeting. We met in Oklahoma city because he is a heart surgeon and he was on call that weekend. He flew me over to Oklahoma. From the moment we met we knew we wanted to be with each other for the rest of our life. We had connected by phone sharing our hearts. When we met it was a stronger validation to what we felt for each other.



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