Friday, January 27, 2012

Reader Warns those of you in Colorado and Washington State!

A reader sent us this email to warn those of you in Colorado and Washington State:
My daughter (40) decided to try internet dating for the first time. She went on a well-respected site, posted a profile and was immediately contacted by what appeared to be a nice, responsible, all around good guy. He is foreign (German) and claims he has difficulty with English but trying to learn the language ( the reason I'm using present tense I will explain later). Recently divorced, three jobs, ranch in Colorado, loves horses (her line of work). Then he proceeded to tell her stories of heroic acts that he recently performed. "Saving a US Marine family lost in the wilderness inspite of falling with his horse, killing the horse and severely injuring himself. He still managed to drag himself and rescue the whole family", just one of many. Because of all his heroic actions, he was made an honorary US Marine. She bought all his stories, he had such an unpresumptuous way of telling them. War Hero, everybody loves him, etc. etc. etc. Within days he told her he loved her (even though they hadn't even met) and wanted to meet as soon as possible. One week later he showed up on her doorstep, using his advanced computer skills to get her address and phone #. For just a split second when she went to greet him the first timeshe describes a weird look in his eyes (she described it as insanity) then it was gone. He moved right in on her, convincing her he couldn't live without her now that he had found her. Slowly she began finding little inconsistencies in his stories, his behavior became abusive, especially if questioned about anything. He began showing cruelty to her pets, everything on the red flag list. He threatens suicide or threatens to kill her on a regular basis when she has tried to leave . He has ruined her business, ran off any friends (most are afraid of him). She is now in hiding, waiting for legal actions to be taken against him. Hopefully he will soon be deported so that she can once again walk in the daylight without fear that he will harm her or her loved ones. It will take years for her to repair the damage he accomplished in 8 short months. This story is current and as yet unfinished, he's still there in the shadows until he is caught and charged for his crimes. He is once again trawling the internet for another victim to "save" him. The purpose of this is to warn others out there to be very careful, there is a monster hiding behind the screen waiting for you to give him the opportunity to harm you. A general discription; frequents Military and Equestrian dating sights, German (not US citizen), heavy accent, poor english. Middle 40's, medium build, 5' 8"-6', reddish hair (always severe military cut), ruddy complexion, blue-grey eyes, wears glasses, tattoos, hangs out at Starbucks, chain smoke's little cigars, spends most of his time on computers (extremely skilled, tech savy,hacks for fun), like's anything military (very interested in guns), military imposter w/uniforms and war stories just one of several costumes, cowboy, Search & Rescue. Has victims in Colorado and Washington State.


  1. This guy is back in Germany thanks to an expired Visa, he is contacting women on FB trying to find another door back into the States, posing as an Army Medic, K9, Special Forces. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL!!

  2. Wow, 40 and falling for scams...this is indeed a sick sad world we let ourselves live in...



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