Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jeanie Going to 'suicide herself with DOZE pills' according to friend

ok, after sending jeanie 850 bucks for a ticket to come see him, he got this from her "friend"

Subject: Fw: this is wendy the jeanie friend

This is what I got from Jeanies friend last night after sending Jeanie 850 usd to come home to me for gate money>
From: Wendy Wendy
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 20:03:15 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: this is wendy the jeanie friend

hello sir , i hope this is right email to you sir , i am wendy the jeanie friend who is keeping jeanie in my home since last sunday , jeanie is my friend and i know her very much she is being my friend since long time when she got here in costa rica from ecuador , sorry i do not wrote good ingles but i think you will understand this little that i wrote here because my first language is espanol , the keep point of my wrote letter to you is that she has being crying and she want to commit sucide with a lot of doze tablet that kills , she was robbed with Mr bernard at the western union street in porto limon this evening , i went to work and i just saw with policia car , the policia is being drive around since this evening after she was robbed at porto limon , the policia just dropped her in my house now and she rushed to my kitchen to sucide herself because she was robbed by some cocaine dealer gangster who hangs around the western union street , i told jeanie yesterday when she said you was going to send her travel money through western union , i told her that moneygram is better because it is safer country side than western union , though she gave excuse that moneygram is far for mr bernard to help her in collect but i told her she should stop using western union because it is close to gangsters hang outs. now i am just helping her to send this message to you because she said she can not contact you any more and she want to sucide herself because she lost the money to gangsters and she said you will not believe her anymore , she did not tell me yet how much you send to her sir but she keep crying and trying to take over doze tablet , i can not take this any more , i do not want someone to die in my house sir , i think i will let her go back to her home , i tried to stop her but she fight me and keep crying , please sir this is over my power sir and i do not want to go to jail if she kill her self, i told her to stop that the policia still doing investigations on the gangster and they can still find them and get the money back to her but you do not listen to any of my words sir , please tell me back if this is right email for mr flyod ., thank you sir ., WENDY

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