Friday, April 20, 2012

How scammers intimidate you once they realize you are on to them

A reader and friend of the site (and a victim herself) wrote this for all you readers who are afraid your scammer may retaliate. Trust me, and trust her, they won't. They talk real tough but won't do anything, and this woman has done everything possible to provoke them. So have I. So please, don't be intimidated by what your scammer says he will do to you. It is all lies. Every time I post a story from a reader the scammer contacts the victim and threatens them in an attempt to get me to pull the posting down. Not gonna happen. Here is her letter:

I noticed that quite often the victims who write about their unfortunate encounter of betrayal by a scammer, fail to add pertinent information about the bottom-feeder. Many times once the victim confronts the thief, these ignorant scumbags turn on them and become evil, abrasive with threats and name calling, and, even make threats about your family members.. Please keep this in mind: First and foremost - they live on the other side of the ocean and will NEVER come to the USA. Second: They don't want to come here because they have the perfect set-up for making tons of money right in their country cafes. Scamming us is their JOB. And so when they realize that you are no longer a "cash cow" for them, they show their ignorance by making you out to be the horrible person... Don't let them effect you emotionally any more than they already have!!! You have enough to deal with once you realize that they were lying and just using you for their own personal and financial gain. But the more information you can give out, such as email addresses and pictures, their MO and phone numbers, the better for us to pass this on to save others from the same demise as you. And maybe we can get them arrested somewhere down the line.. That's been my goal now for the past 2 years.. I just wanted to tell all of you not to be afraid of them in any way, shape, or form. They are just blowhards!! They got what they wanted from you.. and they will move on to the next unsuspecting innocent person.... Just know that they will ALL ROT IN HELL someday!! Amen!


  1. I had one scammer, also an "architect" threaten to kill me and my family a few months ago. His E-mail address is the only thing I have. The picture he used has I believe since been taken off of Zoosk where we made contact. He does live in England, the police here confirmed that with a phone to his cell phone number. His e-mail address that he used was "StevenDaniel".

  2. I just had someone try and scam me on Okcupid. This person was the typical widower who suddenly left for the UK to work on a contract. It only took a week and a half before he wanted money....$1000.00....He followed all of the typical steps: He's in love right away, sends poems from, his contract is worth 3.5 million dollars but he's broke and needs it for lawyers. He totally tried to scam me. He was using the name Charles Adams out of Toronto, Ontario.

    Women Beware



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