Friday, February 10, 2012

Bryan Wesley - Victims Story of A Nigerian Scammer

Here is a story from a reader that she would like to share. Here is her email:

Hi, I wanted to share my story that I spent the last month of my life experiencing. On January 8th, I was browsing on a dating site that I had been a member of for almost three months and my subscription was about to expire. I had not been on the site in over a month because after the first couple of men that I met, I knew that this was NOT the place to meet that "special someone" in my life. However, I am not sure why I was on the site that day, but I was and it changed my LIFE forever.
I was browsing some of the pictures that were on the site and I came across the handsome young man in a picture with his daughter. I can not remember much about what his profile said, nor do I remember anything much about what he was looking for, I just saw that he was new to the site and he "claimed" to be from an area near my house. Since he was online that nite I decided to say hello and talk to him a little about my experiences as well as others experiences on the site. I really was not looking to become friends with him nor had no interest in meeting/dating him. We talked for a couple of hours the first night and he seemed to be a "nice" guy, after all he had a gorgeous daughter. The next several days into weeks, he and I chatted and emailed daily for the next three weeks. What started out as a simple, BEWARE OF THIS SITE, turned into my worst nightmare.
In the beginning, we talked about our lives and what we were looking for and how we both felt that God was always a guider in a "TRUE" love relationship. As emails would come daily and chats were long and sweet, if was very easy for me to start having feelings for someone that truly seemed genuine. When we talked about meeting, he told me that he was in Nigeria on a business trip and that he was going to return to the states in a short two weeks. What is two weeks to wait for a handsome, wonderful man and his daughter. Right?
I never even thought I could be part of a scam. Actually, I have heard of people being scammed but I never thought that this would turn out to be one until the begging for money became demanding for money. The first time that he ask me for money, was in that he needed "funds" for some food for him and his daughter. He wanted me to send him 150.00, not much right, hey I can do this. However, that week I only had like 200.00 in my account. I sent the "funds" and never heard not one single thank you or I got the money that you sent and I really appreciate it. I got NOTHING. That should have rang a bell if anything would. So, time went on and it was time for him to come home and we chatted about me picking him up at the airport and how we would spend our time together. However, when he got to the airport, he needed 1000.00 to help him pay for his ticket. Of coarse I was not going to send this guy 1000.00 because I did not have that kind of money. However, after many hours of begging, he got me to send 500.00. This should have been the second warning sign. Sending that amount really set me back in paying my bills and getting things that I had planned for the money. But it was well worth in becasue in 24 hours the man of my life would be home and we could begin our life together. Until, the next day and he did not show. What? You are where? And you didn't leave because? WOW, was I hurt. This brought on the next few days of a "lovers quarrell" about many different things and how I was so selfish and so self centered. Of coarse I cried and yes he apologized and made me feel good again and that he would be home when I could send him 1000.00. No, I can not and I will not, absolutely not. As he knew that payday week was approaching, he hung in there and I kept telling him that I had many expenses that I would have to pay and would not have the money left to send him 1000.00 like he needed. He told me that he would be home and that he would pay all of my expenses and that we were going to be together forever and I would never have to work again and we could travel and we could make love all nite and we could... well you know the story. On that Friday, I had NO intentions when I left work to send this man money. I had decided that if he wanted to come home to me that he would get home especially since he had 2,000,000.00 in a bank back here in the states. Then on my way home, I got a phone call from a guy that said he was Bryan's best friend and he wanted us to help him get home. He told me that I should not worry about my bills that I would get that as soon as he got to the states and that my future husband would soon be home and we could begin our life together. After talking to this "friend" for over an hour, my weakness broke and yes I went and sent the money, all 1500.00. My new life would begin in less that 24 hours. I would have a man that would be my future husband and a beautiful young girl that I could love and cherish forever. I cried all that night in utter excitement that soon, real soon that I would be at the airport and I would wrap my arms around my new stepdaughter and new husband to be. The next 24 hours was an extreme night mare. Reality finally hit me of what all my friends had been telling me. I was devastated, I was hurt, I was sick. I don't think that I even have enough words to express how I felt for the next day and a half until that phone rang. Yes it was HIM. Where was he? What happened? Why is he not here with me? And why are we not living happily ever after? Why am I so miserable?
The next few days Bryan and I spent, "making up" from our nightmare and we still love each other and we will still be together. We just have to get him home. You have to send 4000.00, no just send 2000.00, well I have 1500.00 just sent a 1000.00. NO, NO, NO and oh did I say NO. I do not have any money. None, zip, nothing. Fortunately, for me I was lucky and only lost like 2000.00 and it has set me back in paying my bills and put a little hurt in my life that I will probably never recover from. However, what I want many girls like me to know is, be AWARE. I am a seriously strong independent woman that gives a lot but NEVER would have dreamed that I would send my ENTIRE pay check to someone that I didn't know. After all, I was warned by so many of my friends that from now on I will trust with my life.
My boyfriend's name is Bryan Wesley and he has a 6 year old daughter. A very handsome man with a beautiful daughter. He has a friend name Phillip. Bryan's email is As of today, (February9th) he is still using it and still on yahoo chat under that name. If I can STOP the next vulnerable woman from loosing her money and her heart, this letter was worth sending. I hope that someday, I can make an impact in the lives of women that ALMOST gave all they had to someone they NEVER met. Please, ladies read the stories and LISTEN to your friends.


  1. Reading this story is heartbreaking! I'm so sorry for what you went through! It would be so easy to judge if you didn't know better, and wonder what was she thinking? However, I was taken in by a psychopath nearly two years ago and was badly hurt in the process. I'm familiar with these type of Romance Scams (what they're called). My heart goes out to you hon. These guys are getting better and better at playing vulnerable people. It happens to men as well as women! You deserve a big pat on the back for having the courage to tell your story. It couldn't have been easy for you. Thank you for sharing! Bless you!

  2. He is on and I have reported him. I have not gone out with this guy but he does have my personal email and I will stop all communication with him.

  3. That happened to me but I did not send money - called him out and he said God would punish me! Yea right - sorry that you had to go through that but now I am on a mission to get as many of these low lifes as I can

    1. I am with You on that i also on a mission i was scam too my post list march 31 of this year i still talking to my scammer mess with bis bead not getting. No more my money from me ever again

  4. He is still on and I have reported him also. His "daughter" is now a year older. LOL. But serioulsy, didn't the profile seem a bit strange? The fact that the emails he sends do not match the profile, are in broken English, and are sent at all hours of the night rang a bell? Since he just sent me 1 of his bs email, I am going to reply with your story and ask him to send you back the $ he owes you! Best of luck to you.

  5. My heart goes out to you honey i know How it feels got scammed By a nigerian romance scammer to help you with the healing process Google scammers 4 real faces best of luck hang in there

  6. Just to let you know I was scammed by this person in the photo you posted but told me his name was Michael Bertolino and was in Africa with his shipment of computer foods for hospitals and schools and of course had a hardship and of course professed his undying love and a eternal life together and had the balls to use his so called daughter as an excuse to get money claiming he was in an accident and needed money for the hospital long story short I did not send any money and called him out on and told him I was going to report him to the proper authorities, and by the way was his daughter named Vera...

  7. omg I am afraid my boss is being scammed as we speak.



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