Wednesday, October 20, 2010

David John on TAGGED Another Reported Scammer

We would like to thank a reader for sharing her personal story with us...

This one goes by David John and is trying to get me to send $70 so he can "wire me money from his account in Egypt".. Here's the info he gave me:

Tarek Magdy Ibrahem
City: Masoura
Zip: 35111
Country: Egypt
Test Question: Money for
Answer: Processing


Goes by the name "david john" - found me on TAGGED but it looks like he has deleted his profile.. 54, in crude oil and is over in South Africa - but insists he lives in Lakeland, Florida... email is - staying at a hotel called "Harmony Hotel",, who knows... but I smell a rat here..


  1. It is really interesting that this guy posted his city as "Masoura." There is no city in Egypt called "Masoura," but there is one called Mansoura- it is 2 hours North of Cairo (a very beautiful city with a large population and a famous university). Anyone who can't spell the name of their own city (there are 2 spellings that Egyptians use for Mansoura), it's usually a tell-tale sign that they've never been there or do not actually live there.

  2. He's on Facebook now, but I can't give you the page as I've blocked it. But he's all over the place



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