Friday, May 28, 2010

People leaving comments

We appreciate everyone that leaves comments to help and warn others. Just a suggestion, many of you leave the name of the scammer, but since they change their names so much, leave their email address also if you know it. Feel free to post the sob story they gave you to get money from you, or the "bio" (wife killed in car crash, etc) so people can see the familiar story as well.
The more info we get out there, the more info people can find before they get scammed.
Thank you all for your help and warning others!

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  1. The more I read the madder I get, this has somehow got to stop! These people are the the dregs of the earth and for one I don't have a problem at all in exposing everyone of them men and women alike. If you know someone that is on one of these sites first and formost tell them that it is not always safe and happily ever after. My suggestion to anyone talking with someone online,the first thing you do is tell them to take a picture of themselves with their cell phone, tell them to hold a fork,or a spoon or what ever you can think of that you know would not be on a site, tell them to send it to your e-mail address now! If that comes back the way you wanted it, then you at least know who you are talking to. this by no means protects you 100%,but the person you are talking to knows that you are not STUPID and that they will be history if it is the lest bit not on the up and up. you can also let anyone you know that you are doing this and they can be on the look out for you and anyone else that may need some protection. It is a shame that we have to live in a age where we can't even trust finding a new love or friend. It is the way of the world, the way that the weak and spineless live. I hope someday to see a post that they have all been shut down and arrested, how I don't know but in numbers we can do anything.



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