Sunday, December 13, 2009

Martin Collins Internet Dating Scammer from Nigeria

This is Martin(s) Collin(s) - sometimes he calls himself Martin sometimes Martins. His email address is: His use to the 'word' MUGU at the end of his email address is a word the Nigerians call the people they scammed, which means "big fool".

This one actually took a lot longer to ask for money - we conversed for 6 weeks before he asked... Here is his money letter below:


I also missed you so much and i love you so much....But am sure you know that before i come back to the state i have to settle the issue of the refinary as you know that is important because i have spent the whole of the cash i have here with me on the Refinary.

I am about to finish with the official assignment atleast i will finish that in 7 to 8days,but am not yet sure of when i will be through with the refinary issue as i am being delayed by the balance of the payment to pay to the banking Firm because i have to make sure i finish the payment before i come back to the state so that the whole issue can be resolved.

Honey am really not Happy here because am Very broked .... If you can remember i told you about the Loan request i sent to my Boss,it was turned down ,he said the whole of the money that i am entitled to in West africa as my travelling Trip has been giving to me and also been given some extras too,so he have turned down my Offer,so i am broked here as i have to pay some Bills Like my Hotel Bills and others like that.Honey Please can you help me with 700Usd ,i think i can meet up with my needs with this Token.I am having some little hard time here as i have make use of the whole of the money i brought here on the payment of the refinary.

Honey i will settle you on that when i got back....Sweetheart i know you can do that for me.And hope you dont stop praying for me??

I wait to hear back from you soon.

I love you.




  1. I think I am dealing with a scammer, he beg me to help him, so he can come home to me, he is in london, has been for two month he claims, needs help paying for equipment lose, due to an accident, needs money sent by western union by Monday, said he already called comapny, he would have money by Monday, I checked with Western Union, his name is on a black list, they said not to sent money as I was told at the western union office, email him back to tell him NO. Why is he trying to scam me

  2. I am being scam, we have been talking since, never would call me until he took his trip to London, then emailed me with a 011447011172968 London number, he calls me everyday and every night, said his driver got into an accident, he lost equipment had to pay 115,000, said friends gave him money, he short 3,650.00 need it by Monday to pay for the equipment, to him I don't give money only by face to face, I even went ot London to take 35,000.00 a week ago, he got upset, because I called told him I was going to London to give the money to him, he said that he will not see me, because I hurt him, not telling him I was coming there, so when I was in London never saw him, to me I should have done what he asked, to sent it by western union. now I am back, he wants me to send him the 3650.00 before Monday, went down to western union station, to send, they advised me not to send it, because Martin name is on black list and he is here on this scammer web site, Picture is different, but the same profile and the rose is the same at the end of several of hhis letters.

  3. Why is he trying to scam you? For money. Plain and simple, this is their job. Think about what you get paid for 40 hours of work. These sweetheart scammers, as they are called, put in usually much less than 40 hours of work per victim, considering most emails are simple cut and paste jobs that they send over and over. Sadly, scamming innocent victims pays very well.

  4. i recently joined a free dating site and had 2 scammers on the go at once. one was russian one was nigerian. they both advertised from the local area, once i started emailing them there profiles disappered from the dating site. i had read up before on scammers and lo and behold they both were. all was going fine until they bothe asked for money for flights, 400 euros and 300 euros. i played a good game because as soon as i said to them, no no i ll fly over to you, i can sort this asap, contact was instantly lost. classic. i despise these pitiful ppl who prey on innocents.

  5. Looks like Martin Collins goes by right now by a different first name, now Paul Collins. Claims to be a personal investor in oil and gas. Same gimmick, needs a huge amount of money to release his barrels of oil from the refinary. Promises to sort things out once back in the states from the UK. Now with an 8 year old son, widower, lost parents in a car accident and wife to breast cancer. Also signs off with a flower after his name. Might be Martin and Paul are one the same person.

  6. This Martin Collins may be the same person named Paul Colins. Claims to be a personla investor in oil and gas, from the US but doing bisiness at the UK where his crude oil is being refined from Kuwait; parents died in a car crash; widowere; lost wife to breast cancer and has a son now living with sister in law at Austrailia. I nitially met this person thru the catholic soulmates dating site. After an eschange of several lenghty e-mails for a week or so, professed his love and affection. the next week claims to have owed the UK gov't in Royalty fees for the shipping of his barrel from the UK to the US.amounting to $150,000.00. He begged for me to helped him and promised to pay me back as soon as he arrives in the US. Wired him an initial $11,000.00 plus but still was denied release of the barrels of oil for shipment and begged again for another large sum of money. Please if anybody out there has encountered or feels the story seems to be so familiar, please post back and hopefully Iit can help. His cell: 0144 702-401-7960 but when he calls this is the # that registers on my cell: 239-384-7131. He calls in the morning and at night. claims to living in a hotel.

  7. Hi,
    This Martin Collins sent me a friend request on Facebook. His profile said he was working in Chevron Oil and Gas Company in Manchester UK. He said he was a widower with a son. His wife had died in an air crash. After chatting for a few days he said he wanted to send me a gift and asked for my address. I sent it to him. He sent me the courier company's URL and tracking number. I checked the URL. It showed that the parcel had been dispatched. Then he told me that I will have to pay for the parcel to the courier company only then they will dispatch it. One guy claiming to be from the company called me and gave his personal account number and bank details. I wired him USD 1000. Then this other guy called Mr. T.H.Oxford calls up and says that there is a big problem with the package. We scanned it and found a huge amount of money in it, 40,000 euros. He said he will report me to the police if I don't send USD 2000 to one account and another USD 2000 to another account to get clearance from the British Embassy. He threatened to report me to police to for money laundering or for being a terrorist. I was petrified. I wired USD 2000 to the first account. Then I spoke to a friend of mine about it. He said it was scam and asked me to immediately give stop payment. I luckily got the USD 2000 back minus the service charges. I think these are internet scammers from Nigeria. These are very dangerous guys. They have to be stopped. Is there any way of tracking them or reporting them to the police ?



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