Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peter Ostachinni, John Stewart and George - Nigerian Scammer trio!

Here is an email from a reader who was targeted by three different scammers:

I have recently been scammed of money by the Nigerian scammers and I would like to share some information.
I believe I was targeted by the same scammer on three different profiles on ( I am in Malaysia but have used match when I lived in the US ). The first profile called George ( was a single dad with a 5 yr old daughter, but there were obvious mistakes in what he was saying, blonde blue eyed and he insisted his mum was singaporean chinese). 2nd was John Stewart who said he grew up between US and UK but when I spoke to him he was brazilian. So that got dropped when I asked him who he really is. The 3rd one was quite sophisticated, very detailed, intelligent, consistent and called Peter Ostachinni. All 3 were involved in oil and gas. It sounded plausible as malaysia is big into oil and gas. So this 3rd one called Peter started slowly, emailing quite normal emails, and then it got more elaborate. his profile said he is divorced with a 7 yr old son. His ex wife is dead ( all three of them has dead ex wives ), parents are dead, son in the UK, and he s British in oil and gas. Then he gave his phone number and I gave mine. Then he called, he was on his way to Australia for a conference and talked to me on the way to the airport. Timed it right of the distance between hotel and airport. Then time it right again between flight distance and timing between Malaysian and Melbourne. Then it graduated to phone calls and yahoo messenger. Chatted at night and he called in the mornings and this happened every day. Charming, said I was the love of his life, everything he ever dreamt of, his one and only. Even sent flowers to my house. Then by the 7th day of this, he begged me to check a link for him. His bank account in NatWest. And gave me his password and username. I clicked on it and told him what was there. He wanted to transfer GBP 1.5 million and asked me to do the transfer myself. I refused.
Then he was supposed to visit Malaysia at the end of the week. Even sent me a confirmation of the hotel that I picked. In the middle of the night about 2 days he was supposed to visit me, he called to say his son is really sick and he has to get back to the UK. Very smart, timed it the length of time of non stop flights between Melbourne to London, and then called to say he landed. Said he would call again when he reached Manchester ( he is supposedly from there) and he has a manor in Manchester. When he got there he arranged for me to talk to his 7 yr old. A young boy that has an english accent came onto the phone and spoke to me a few times. He continued his charming twice a day phone call and then if he had time "chatted" on yahoo messenger.... and here goes... then he has to go to Africa to interview workers for his new project. on his way back to Malaysia... When asked why he said Nigerian and cameroonian workers are the cheapest in oil and gas so he has to go to Nigeria. Called to say good bye... then I got a call in the middle of the night to say that he was boarding and he brought Ken with him to Nigeria. Said he would call when he landed. So he called again to say he landed and explained that he wanted to bring Ken to surprise me. Then he called a few hours later to say he got mugged as he got out of his taxi and everything was taken.... so he said he has to go get things sorted out . An hour later he called back sheepishly asking if I could help him ... by sending money... USD 5000.... I did... he still continued to call to thank for the money and provide progress information. But after I sent the money I talked to a friend of mine and she got concerned and researched and found out all about the Nigerian scam. I have ceased all communication as this scam is one that would go on and on to reel in more money for him. So I am 5000 less and wiser and feeling terrible but I want to share my story because I believe I was targeted and this scammer is highly sophisticated. He used several profiles to test me out and to see which work for me and also to see what my psychological profile is like . He still continues to call though I have ignored all phone calls ( how about all of 31 times in a span of 36 hours) and is very tasteful in not asking for account information and is able to create drama, credibility, trust, and prey very well.
Scammers email addresses are:
John Stewart, email:
Peter Ostachinni, email:


  1. Hi last night I had been contacted by a man via we exchanged ordinary email addresses in which he sent me a lengthy email and his name on the email stated 'Peter Ostachinni' It seemed rather far fetched to say therefore I googled his name and found this site! Excellent before I waste my time - however I have a good mind to teach him a lesson.

  2. hi. what a surprise, I have been contacted by a man from tagged .com and infact he is alao on the person ( peter ostachinni) used the name LUCAS DAWSON from artesia california. he was very smart, polite, decent at the beginning until he said he would like me to make investment in my country and using his money which he got loan from some company in UK ( Which I found out it's fake )for 2.5 mil dollar.
    and that UK company will send a check to me. but I have check about the company detail and told him that this is fake. once he found out that I can't be fooled / scam. he was angry and said that I am making his life in really a messy one. since then he never contact me again. be careful every one he is still on tagged. com and under the name of LUCAS DAWSON. Divorced 46/47 years american. I was amazed with his good looks but smart enough not become a victim..

  3. I wish that i had read this website earlier as I had been scammed of huge some of money by this same nigerian guy who goes under a fake name of Pete Ostachinni in He used the same photos and storyline as the above. Please make a police report so that the police can investigate him.

  4. I've been introduced to 'Rick from Melbourne" by eHarmony. Super photo, great love letters in bad English, pretending to live in Melbourne with a permanent visa (as an Italian), ready to marry me after 3 emails.
    I am not stupid and found his IP addresses and both from Nigeria. He is a scammer, so ladies please be aware.

  5. Rick Marino is not living in Melbourne. He is a scammer and his IP addresses are and both from Nigeria. He was introduced to me by eHarmony, luckily I didn't fall for his stupid love letters.
    Please everyone out there, once in doubt learn to find/read the IP addresses. They will tell you exactly where the scammers computer is located. It's easy, ask friends, Google or your own provider for your own security.



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